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Iranian Director Wins Top Award of BIFF

The top award at the Busan International Film Festival was shared by Iranian Director Hooman Seyedi’s "13" and Korean Kim Daehwan’s "End of Winter".

An Iranian and a South Korean film exploring family and relationships shared the top award at Asia's largest film festival, with jury members praising both for expressing "what it means to be a human being".

"13" from Hooman Seyedi and "End Of Winter" from Kim Dae Hwan were officially granted two $30,000 cash prizes  for the New Currents section award for first-time or second-time Asian film-makers.

The winners for the New Currents competition section were chosen by a jury headed by Iranian Oscar-Winning Director Asqar Farhadi.

"13" is about a 13 year old boy’s loneliness and rebellious rage at the violence that surrounds him. The lack of communication between the mother and the father of the boy, leads inevitably to a divorce. During this ordeal, their son feeling out of place, befriends some troubled older kids, and gets involved in murder.

Iranian actor Amir Jafari and actress Rima Raminfar along with some other cast members like Yasna Mirtahmasb, Azadeh Samadi, Amir Jadidi, Navid Mohammadzadeh and Vishka Asayesh star in the film.

Hooman Seyedi has made Africa (2012), and has played a role in some of the famous Iranian movies like "Special Line", "Barefoot in Heaven", "A Piece of Bread", and "Fireworks Wednesday".

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