Published date:17/10/16 - 12:09
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Syrian Students Comes 2nd in Turkey Quran Contest

A school student originally from Syria won the second rank in Turkey’s Quran competition.

Mahdiya Aqil came second in the category of memorization of the entire Quran in the women’s section, according to website.

She is originally from the city of Baab in Syria’s Idlib Province but now lives in southeast Turkey.

50 Quran memorizers from different provinces of Turkey, including Ankara, Diyarbakir, Konya, and Samsun took part in the competition.

Eleven of them made it to the final round.

The contest was held at the city hall in Adiyaman, capital of the Adiyaman Province in southeastern Turkey.


Syrian Students Comes 2nd in Turkey Quran Contest


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