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Nearly 60,000 Memorizers Sign Up for Iran’s Nat’l Quranic Exam

Some 60,000 individuals have so far signed up to take a national examination on Quran memorization and Quranic concepts in Iran.

Registration for the exam, which began on December 9, 2017, will continue until January 20, according to the Awqaf and Charity Affairs Organization.

The Central Committee for Implementing the National Quran Memorization Plan, affiliated to the organization, will hold the exam.

Among the 31 provinces of Iran, the central province of Isfahan has the highest number of Quran memorizers signing up for the exam.

It is planned to be held across the country on Thursday, March 1.

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei stressed in a speech in 2011 that the society should take a direction so that at least 10 million people learn the Holy Quran by heart.

Hence, related Quranic bodies in the country devised a plan, called National Quran Memorization Plan, aimed at promoting memorization of the Holy Book and training 10 million memorizers in a few years.

Different organizations and institutions including the Awqaf and Charity Affairs Organization, Center for Coordination, Development and Promotion of Quranic Activities, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and Ministry of Education have been making efforts to materialize the objectives of the plan.

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