Published date:18/1/12 - 19:19
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‘Family, Quranic Lifestyle’ Workshop Planned in Karachi

The Iranian Cultural Center in Karachi, Pakistan, plans to hold the second edition of a workshop on “family and Quranic Islamic lifestyle”.

According to the center, the educational program will be organized on January 12 in cooperation with Al-Zahra (SA) Seminary in Karachi.

The center will host the workshop, which will be attended by 50 female activists in cultural and social fields.

Mohammadreza Baqeri, in charge of the Iranian Cultural Center in Karachi, discussed the organization of the program in a meeting with Tahere Fadheli, head of the seminary.

They agreed that the Iranian center will also host a ceremony on March 9 and 10 to respectively mark the birthday anniversaries of Hazrat Zahra (SA) and the International Women’s Day.

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